Our Story

We live life quickly. Calls, texts, emails. We’re always on.

Shabbat invites us to pause. It’s an ancient tradition that meets the needs of our 21st century challenges. It’s an opportunity to stop and create space — to intentionally celebrate the conclusion of another week with family and friends.

When we were raising our children and looking to celebrate Shabbat, I found most of the available materials complex, uninviting or overly prescriptive. Shabbat is a time to gather with loved ones and rest, but finding your way into the traditions can be challenging. It inspired me to create a simpler path.

Oneg offers beautiful, contemporary tools, guidebooks and tips to make celebrating Shabbat accessible without any pressure. We’re excited to have you as part of our community as we pause, reflect and celebrate together each week.

The products in your Oneg Shabbat Box are handmade by small businesses and vendors. Each product reflects my mission to make celebrating Shabbat more approachable.

Girl in a jacket
Jeanie Milbauer
Founder + CEO